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Every product sitting on the shelf today originally began as a concept.  Great ideas are abundant but harnessing and converting them into marketable products is a process.  Blackwood Industries has broad experience in all facets of the business from prototypes to manufacturing, patenting to packaging, and quality control to shipping.  We've made  mistakes and learned from them which eliminates you from experiencing the same.

Blackwood takes a comprehensive approach to sourcing, quality control and logistics.  We provide products and services that are based upon the specific needs of our clients and not a generic approach.  Since we have direct contact with factories in many countries, we are able to streamline product development, improve margins and strip the supply chain of costs not directly associated with your business.

Blackwood's QA team includes locals in each country and a domestic support staff which audits factories, oversees production and inspects each and every container shipped to our customers.  Blackwood's procurement team travels overseas several times annually to attend trade shows, visit factories and constantly monitor the competitive landscape. Together, we ensure our clients' interests are respected and represented in the foreign arena.

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